Super Drill Machine EDM-DR

Super Drill Machine EDM-DR

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  • Pump Inside
  • Compact and portable EDM machine
  • Easy and convenient operation
  • Workable in small space because power supply unit and head assembly are separated.
  • Use any copper and brass rod as an electrode
  • Suitable for use with any conductive material(aluminum, brass, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, etc.
  • Use ordinary water as the dielectric fluid
  • It is possible to work very small drilling by adjusting output voltage.
  • Safe drilling by specific EDM circuit
  • Rotating EDM head up, down, right and left

Power Supply Unit

  • Weight(10Kg)
  • Size : 290mm X 196mm X 355mm

EDM Head Assembly

  • Weight(6Kg)
  • Sie : 57mm X 73mm X 358mm
  • Z axis stroke : 100mm
  • Input Voltage : AC1 220V
  • Electrode Holder(Chuck) : Max. 6.50mm
  • Dielectric Fluid : Normal Water
  • Electrode : Normal Copper or Brass Ba