Programmable Logic Controllers Micro-EH A23 / D23

Programmable Logic Controllers Micro-EH A23 / D23

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High Performance in Small Size
  • 12-bit analog input/output (23 point type)
  • Two built-in potentiometers (except for 10-point type)
  • Built-in high-speed counter (10/14/23/28 point type: 10kHz, 20/40/60 point type: 100kHz)
  • PWM and pulse train output (Micro-EH with DC output)
  • Maximum 176 I/O point (64 point type x 1 + 28 point expansion unit x 4)
  • Flash memory for storing user programs - user program is retained without battery
  • Battery for data memory back-up (20/23/28/4064 point type)
  • Built-in real-time clock (20/23/28/40/64 point type)
  • Built-in real-time clock (20/23/28/40/64 point type)
  • Digital filter
  • Power supply for sensors
  • Removable terminals for easy setup (except for 10 point type)
  • Easy installation by snapping on a DIN rail or srewing onto a panel
  • Easy-to-see terminal layout indication
Compatibility with H/EH series PLC
  • Same programming software for utilization of valuable existing user programs
Conformity to Global Standards
  • CE, UL, c-UL and C-Tick approvals
Network Compatibility
  • RS-232C port standard
  • RS-422/485 port standard for 23/28 point type (up to 32 units connectable)
Environmental Friendliness
  • Laser marking for elimination of sticker type nameplates
  • ABS material for easy recycling
  • Battery-less operation for waste reduction


  • 2 analog inputs and 1 analog output as standard
  • Input 13 points Output 10 points (Max. 135 points with expansion units)
  • 3k steps of program memory
  • UP to 32 displays can be connected via RS-422/485 serial communication
  • Optional battery for data memory back-up
  • Size: W150mm x H90mm x D76mm
  • Real-time clock for event scheduling