Hitachi Air Circuit Breakers

Hitachi Air Circuit Breakers

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Compact & Modular design

  • More compact overall dimensions and light weights.
  • HITACHI ACB have been made three types of modular design creteria to facilitate their installation and integration in low voltage switch boards.

High breaking capacity

  • HITACHI ACB provides high breaking capacity up to 100kA

Safety and Convenience

  • OCR terminals are located in front
  • Modulized mechanical part and accessories
  • for easy maintenance and inspection Improved draw-out rail for easy draw-out
  • Minimized arc space
  • Molded frame

High functional digital type trip relay

  • Easy inspection by LCD
    • Load current value
    • Setting values of each trip characteristics
    • Fault current(Max) value
    • Tripping time
  • Self-diagnosis function-noEr : No error
    • Err-1 : NoMTD coil
    • Err-2 : Program error
    • Err-4 : Configuration resister error
    • Err-8 : Watch dog error
  • Self-test function
    • It is available to check whether OCR is operated normally or not by applying external power
  • Pre-alarm function
  • Contact output of the each tripping cause and LED indication
  • OCR alarm contact (AL,2a)